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Am quite sure that you have heard of email marketing before and you know what it mean to have hundred or thousand of email subscriber

Every business that is not dominating the email marketing system is definitely missing and losing a lot in their business.

If you want the best out of your email marketing you can read this article on how to dominate and gain more email subscriber.

But the fact still remain that having a facebook group is similar to having an autoresponder account (email subscriber list)

I will explain better later

I guess you will agree with me that having people to put down their email or having someone to subscribe to a list is quite hard and beside it take a level of trust before they could do that

And again not everyone who is just starting a small business have the money to pay every single month to an autorestponder in other to keep their list

If you agree with me then you need to stick around to found out what you could to replicate the same success you will have with having an email subscriber list

Not everyone who is starting a business (small business) today have enough capital to start up especially when it comes to network marketing. Because in network marketing after purchasing a domain with hosting and launch your website the next thing is traffic (maybe paid or free) after collecting email list

All fingers are not equal

So if all finger are not equal then you have to know that not everyone had the money that would cover all the expenses


If that is the case then you have to read to the end because in today post you will learn and found out the replicate of autoresponder

Let get started

Am now sure that a question is going around you that what is the replicate of email marketing??

Glad you ask!!

The answer is a facebook group

That may look weird to you but let look at the benefit below

The benefit of having a facebook group

Before that read this post on How to use facebook group for marketing your business to find out all you need to do to have a professional facebook group setup.

With facebook group you don’t need money to get started at all, all you need is just few minute to set up a group for yourself.

After that you send people to the group instead of the email list.

The main purpose of having an email list is to send content or affiliate product. The same thing can be applied with facebook group.

Advantages of facebook group over email list

One of the advantages of facebook group is that you don’t only send promotional content but can even get more engaged with your prospect rather than email list

And again you can also ask question from them on the problem they might be facing which will possibly makes you to know what they want and you in person knowing the service to render to them that will be more beneficiary.

What you should also take note is that facebook is a social network people will login consistently which mean they will read what you have for them but in when it come to email not every login everyday to check their mail.

In conclusion

Facebook group is a goldmine and should be given a try. If well handled it can land your business to the next level

Hope this article is helpful?

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