benefits of using facebook for business

Facebook is currently one of the best, largest and most populous social network that is trending right now for socializing.

Whether you like it or not, facebook will still be the leading social network.

You might be asking why?

The reason is that with the average login per day and time that is been spent chatting, socializing and checking news feed is huge enough to say people have really fall in love with this social network and spending their precious time searching for countless information

Note that almost everyone all over the world is currently on facebook and many are yet to register

Which mean facebook is still growing

If you don’t know that presently, there are over one billion login in a single day.

Think about what this so called social network (facebook) will actually become in few years to come

Despite with this discovery it obvious that many businesses are not on facebook

Who is losing?

You are actually killing your business today if you are not on facebook

Come to think of it, if you can get your business in front of over 1 billion people all over the world or even thousands of people

What did you think will happen to your business?

Answer that simple question and discover who is losing!

By now am quite sure that you agree with me that you have to make your business available on facebook

If you agree keep reading!

Because this update is all about the benefits of using facebook for your business and also advantages of facebook for business

Benefit of using facebook for business

Increase business website traffic

There are over 1 billion active user a day with different interest and passion

So think about it, if you target your audience in a proper way and market your business in an appropriate way

What did you think will happen?

Absolutely you will get tons and load of traffic to your business.

Create awareness

Making your business available on facebook help in creating user awareness even without no website


If you are just starting a small business and have no money to host a website you can possibly start by creating a business fan page on facebook (it’s free to start, $0 start up cost), start promoting and getting fans to your business page

Later on, you host a domain and start driving traffic to your business website

Capture lead

This is one of the benefit of having a facebook business page.

It has been said over time that running a facebook business page without capturing your prospect lead is just like wasting your time

Like top marketer do say that money is in the list

Why and what is the reason?

That’s a smart question

The reason is that when you capture lead you can always send affiliate product to your list

Let do a little maths here

Let assume you have a list of over 10,000 subscriber and you have an affiliate product that can earn you $25 per sale

Now you sent an email to the list

Industry wise most product convert by 2%

Doing the maths you just earn almost $5000 from your list.

You might be asking how to capture lead from facebook

It has simple as running a giveaway and newsletter and directly sending people to your autoresponder to collect there email list to win the giveaway price you promise

But don’t over do it

Don’t hurt your list by sending affiliate product regularly. My advice is you can send promotional offer to them 2 or 3 times a month

Interaction between business owner and customer

Facebook is a great place for business owner to interact with both their existing customer and new customer

It also a perfect place for providing quick customer support and gain their trust.

Help in spying on competitor

One of the feature I love most is the ability to be able to spy on your competitor and know what work for them

With this feature you can easily duplicate your competitor success on facebook

Ability of building BRAND loyalty

If you effectively use facebook for marketing your business you no more unless than creating a brand and gathering people that will trust you and at the same time being your paying customer.


I guess you are now well convinced to make your business available on facebook.

The benefit and advantages of facebook is huge and worth every single minute you spent dominating your business page

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