Well, I guess you will agree with me that with facebook ads you can reach thousand and millions of people in a matter of time

Did you agree with me?

If your answer is yes to the above then you have to stick with me because at the end of this post you will be able to create a successful facebook ads that will reach thousand and million of people of same interest of what you have to offer them.

In this post you will discover the insanely power of facebook ads

for example

facebook ads cost to facebook ads pricing, how to setup a facebook ads, targeting where your ads appear and so on.

The reason why you are here is to know how to create a successful facebook ads that reach millions of people in matter of time, which you already know that it can boost your site traffic if you do it well.

you already know it is possible to achieve that aim but there is something you must take note which is knowing how to create and design your ads also you must also control facebook ads budget in other to reach more people

Here is an example

We all know that almost every one on this planet are currently on facebook so let assume that you budget about $200 (ads cost) to advertise on facebook, it is adversible to to break that amount in to four (according to your wish) that is spending $50 dollar a day.

That show that your ads can run for four day instead of one day

Here is my reason

Let say there are 2k people coming online for the first day you decide to run your ads, out of those that your ads will appear to might not be trigger or overwhelm with your ads while others that will come online the next day or more might be those will have interest in what you have to offer

So now let get on track on how to create a successful facebook ads that will increase your search traffic and create more exposure and awareness to your business

How To Create A Successful Facebook Ads

Now is the time to deliver what what this post have to offer

Firstly you might be thinking whether you should adverstise with facebook or not or maybe you have read from others or heard friend saying that they have lost several money advertising on facebook. This is due to their lack of experience when it come to advertising on facebook.

With the number of active user on facebook every single day which is over million and presently the statista data made us to understand that in the first quarter of 2016 that are over 1.13 billion active user on this single social media

With the result we got from statista, am sure you are convinced that you need to advertise on facebook

For example

Come to think about it, if you are a marketer and you have a product to sell or your company is about to lauch a product. Think about it, if you get your product in front of over million and billion of active user on facebook what did you think will happen to that offer you want to promote?

Answer that for yourself

That is just the logic so if you have bad feeling about marketing on facebook, through that feeling a side because with the number of active user you should know that yuour target market are currently on facebook waiting for your product.

So since you are well convinced the next thing is to start to create your ads

Here is what to take note before creating your ads

Know where your target market are: this can be achieved by using a single tool called “google keyword tool” this will help you to know where your prospect are

Simply head over to google keyword planner and put your keyword into keyword idea, set the country you want to target. Target various country to know how many people are desperately searching for the keyword you will like to target

Now we assumed that you have done the search above and know where your target market are

So now you can now create your ads on facebook by targeting the specific region according to the result you got from keyword planner.

Next step is to create and design your ads. Make sure you put together a nice design on your ads that people will love to click on, add a link that will direct your prospect to your website and put some info about your ads if possible you can also add some good feature about the ads you are creating

In conclusion

Facebook is a huge platform to advertise your business and get exposure to what your company has to offer. So if you are not advertising on facebook you are loosing a lot and leaving money on the table

By targeting your prospect on facebook and creating a well compelling ads well design, you can get more engage with your prospect and send more offer to them