As we all know that facebook is growing every day with the average login of over million of people a day and billion of people per month, also million of people are yet to discover facebook and guess what when they do they will surely create an account. This is simply because every one want to be on facebook

It is quite sure that in few year to come the average login per day will go beyond every one expectation.

That make it clear that your customer, client and business partner are already on facebook. So if you don’t have a facebook fan page or create one facebook fan page today you are missing a lot.

I assume you already know that it is important to create facebook fan parte today in order to reach over million of active user today and in the nearest feature

If you stay till the very end of this post I will personally work you through how you could possibly create a successful facebook an page for your business.

But before I will work you through how to make a facebook fan page and design it let briefly discuss the benefit of creating a facebook fan page

Benefit of creating a facebook fan page

  1. Help in engaging with your audience: this will help you to know what your audience want and what they don’t want. And also it will help to know your audience privately and communicate with them
  2. Ask question: this aspect help In asking your audience what they would love to see or asking them the problem they are facing. And you as an expert answering their question. That alone will make them feel at home because you are able to solve their question
  3. Promote to your audience: this will help to promote an offer that will solve your audience problem. For example let assume your company is about anti-ageing, and you already know your audience problem you can possibly send an offer that will benefit them
  4. Give away stuff: you may be wondering why I bring this aspect in but to be frank its one of the easy way to get your audience attracted to you and even get new people to know about what you are offering

That is that for now. Though there are still more benefit but the one above are the most important one.

In less than few minute from now you would be able to create a facebook fan page just as this book as promise

Let get started now!!

Step by step guide on how to create a facebook fan page

Step one

The first step to take when thinking of setting up a facebook fan page is to have a facebook account and login or you can clink on this direct link to create one ( ).

So now let assume that you have login to your facebook account the next step is to click on pages, after

If you don’t want to go through the process above you can click on the direct link above to go to the direct source.

After you hit the create a page you will see a box to name your page and below it you will see different category

Is time for you to know the type page that will suit your industry

For example you want to create a fan page for your blog or website, the category you will fall on is the “brand and product”. The list go on, just as we have several category just like as you can see in the image above.

Once you have choose the category your list fall the next step is to follow the process and get your fan page ready to go live.

But in this case we are going with the “brand and product”

Once you have click on the brand and product

  • Input your brand name
  • Leave it on website
  • Click on Get Started to continue to the next step

After you are done clicking on the get started the next step is to choose a relevant avater that will reflect your page. Don’t choose an avater that will not describe your fan page.

During the process of uploading your image, add your website detail in the about section and in the description part make sure you briefly discuss what your fan page is all about.

You can decide to add your newly created fan page to the favorite list so that it will be able to access easily.

Once you are done with the process, facebook will will give you an option to invite your friend. If you wish you can continue but presently I will suggest you skip this process and continue.

After the whole process you can hit like if you wish

Now we have successfully created a fan page for our brand and this now bring us to the next step

Step two

Now that we have our newly fan page created is time to share what we have in stock for our fans

How To Dominate Facebook Fan Page

Creating is not enough but engaging with our audience is what matter and making the room getting hot every single day is should be everyone goal.

I know the question that will pump up to your mind right now is how do we get this done. Now it simple and very easy to do

Follow the step below to get the best out your facebook fan page

  1. Post to your wall: share from your blog or business site to your facebook fan page. You could also share interesting (relevant) post from other site to your page
  2. Keep the room burning: this can be achieved by asking interesting question. You can setup a day that will be convenient for you to get this done. For example you can use the post on your wall to announced to fans that specific day we be question and answering day.
  3. Share photos: sharing content alone is not enough, fans always love to see interesting picture. So don’t do without sharing interesting picture on your wall
  4. Fan page to comment: use your facebook fan page to comment on other relevant facebook fan page to your own page. When commenting on other page make sure you give value when doing this, because it will make you to have more fan. When people see that your comment is quite good they will always want to check on you and once they come down to your page they may likely be one of your fans

In conclusion

Facebook fan page is good way to reach your audience and engage with them. don’t just create a page without dominating your fan page just as talked about above. Dominating your facebook fan page also make your page to reach lot of people because when you upload either content from your blog and images, facebook will make your page to reach lot of people.

If you have any question concerning this article or you have something your mind, use the comment box below to ask your question

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