facebook group for business

If you are an active facebook user than you probably know what a facebook group is all about and am quite sure that you are in one or two group on facebook or if you’re not in any group, you’ve already seen or come across a group on facebook

So that said it all that you already know what a facebook group is all about.

A lot of questions do come up; that should i create a facebook  group for my business?

The answer is Yes!

Using facebook groups for businesses or using facebook groups for marketing is one of the smartest ways to grow your business.

Facebook group is quite one of my favourite way to get user engaged with your content, get to know them personally and also give feedback whenever they ask question or other who have similar idea responding to their question.

To be frank

Facebook group is a bit related to having an email subscriber

Here is how it work

Consider someone who is just starting out a business blog in a specific niche but doesn’t have enough cash to sign up to email subscriber service provider like aweber, getresponse e.t.c

The person can possibly create a unique and befitting facebook group and send people to the group instead.

In the next post we will discuss one of the ‘benefit of facebook group over email’ marketing

I would have talk much on that here but would love to dedicate an entire post on that.

I think you now agree with me that it very important to create a facebook group for your business.

Well, today I want you to know that you can have the best facebook group for your business


Not just any how group; but an interactive one that get user to put down a comment and also share their thought.

If you stick around to the end of this post you will surely find out how you could extensively use facebook group

How to extensively use facebook group to market and grow your business

I can’t emphasize this enough

The fact that you want the best out of your business, you just have to try apply facebook group at the same time; you should also consider creating a business page.

Both work well for marketing your business and reaching out to the right audience.

Now let get to the main reason we are here

1. Revisit and redesign your facebook public profile

This is the first step you have to take good care of. Since you now want to create a business group you need to make sure your personal profile look professional because any one who join your group might want to visit your profile and know few thing about you

To get this done, you have to take care of the

  • About section
  • Your real picture as profile photo: this let people feel that they are in the right place
  • Nice cover photo

And so on

Ensure that those aspects look professional.

Consider checking your previous post like video, photo and text to know if they are probably ok to been seen by the business group you just created but if not make them visible to friend alone

How to make your public post visible to friend alone

To make your post visible to friend alone isn’t a hard job at all it only take less than a minute

But before that if you have shared lot of post in the past you can also limit them to friend only by simply go to your privacy setting and click on the option to limit past post

Here is a direct link >

By doing so your old post will automatically be seen by friend only but not the group member.

The below step is for feature post

  • Click on the home menu
  • Click on you profile
  • Click on setting
  • Change to visible to friend only.

you can also use the above direct link

That is that

Like I said above that creating a business page also make your post reach people apart from your group member

What to do here is to create a business page and link back to your profile

How to link your profile with your fan page

Simply go to your personal facebook profile click on the Work and Education section and add your facebook business page (fan page) as your present employment

The simple idea here is that anyone who visit your facebook profile might click on your business page.

2. Always give value to your customer

In your business group you want to make sure you give value not just sending anyhow link that look spammy to your customer in your group

Make sure you give value by sharing interesting and beneficiary content to your prospect

This help a lot.

Your prospect will trust you and will always want to take advice from you

3. Invite your email subscriber

By inviting your email subscriber to facebook group is a good idea if they end up joining the group

Through the group you can get to know them better and interact with them.

If you are already an established business man in your industry and you have a buying customer, you can create a special group for them and invite them to the group.

The main reason for that is to be able to answer their various question.

4. Join other related group

You want to make sure you join other related group to your business but don’t just join any how group

You want to look for a group that is very active.

Now let assume that you have joined a group. The next thing is to make sure is that you should always  participate by commenting and starting new thread in the group.

Always add value when commenting or posting to the group. From there people in the group may start to fall in love with your content and will end up joining your business group

Which means you have gain another prospect

Let look how to search other related group in your business on facebook

How to find other related group

You want to use facebook search box and enter your niche phrase into the search box

After that click the group tab

You will see various group result the next step is to put your nose down and look for active group to join

Never mind whether it’s a close or open group, as far as the group is active you are in a right part

5. Engage with the group member

Now that you have joined other related group, don’t hesitate to get engaged with that group in other to get their member attention and also be very active in your personal group

6. Create and promote event

Creating event is almost the same as creating a webinar so when handle perfectly is another way to reach other people

You can also use facebook live to reach lot of other prospect that has interest in your content

Key note

What you should know is that the facebook group you created is for business not for personal use so treat it just as you would care for your love ones


There are also various way to use facebook group for marketing your business but the best tips is to found a way to keep them engaged and always participate in the discussion











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