Are you struggling to get people engaged with the content you share on facebook? Or is your post on your facebook fan page not reaching the maximum number of what you expected?

Are you also finding it difficult to get people engaged with your fan page?

Well, worry no more!

If that is the problem you have been facing.

Have got you cover

Because in this entire post am going to review the most simple and easy to follow facebook marketing strategies and facebook marketing techniques that has never been review before.

This whole article has been dedicated to show you the simple strategies that will get your fan engage with your fan page as never before

All you have to do is try to implement in other to see awesome result

Let me digress a bit before we start our discussion

Facebook is a great place to start marketing your business today because both your client are already on facebook badly waiting for what you have to offer. Whether you are thinking on starting a business online or you are working for company

You can start a facebook fanpage even without no website

Here is the trick

If you start a facebook fan page today and also follow my facebook marketing strategies, you will start to gain fans to your page, get engage with them and also reach lot of people even before you introduce your site to them or before your site is ready.

That is that for now

It now the high time to discover the simple facebook marketing strategies which I also title ‘facebook hack’

Here we go but make sure you read this article on how to create a facebook fan page

Top 12 amazing facebook marketing strategies every marketer should be using

#1. Set a goal: this is the first step you should put in mind because setting a goal will help you when your next post will go live which we will discuss in the next post.

In this aspect you want to know the total number of people you want your fan page to get engage with and also know the number of people your page will reach either for a week or month

Here is an example

If you want the X (500) number of fans for this month then you should know certain work you gonna put in, other to reach that goal.

NOTE that not every one that your post where able to reach are going to be your fan page but if you create a good content like image, video or text that look very attractive you will possibly get lot of like.

Now that we know the important of setting a goal, that will take us to the next step which is discovering when to post in other to reach the X number of fans will like to have

#2. Schedule post: it quite important that you take this step very important because this will ease your work very well instead of doing what not worth doing when you landed on facebook.

Let take an example: let assume that you wanted to run a specific post on your fan page that will take less than ten minute and get going with another project but because you didn’t schedule your post then you might be distracted by other variety going on.

In other to avoid those little distraction that might consume your time on facebook. Then you have to schedule your post and also allocating the exact time you want to spend completing the task

This is an idea on how your schedule should look like in other to get people to engage with your content

Let say on

  • Monday: post motivational quote and tips. image or text ( less than 10 minute )
  • Tuesday: share blog content ( 10 minute )
  • Wednesday: ask good question ( 8 minute )
  • Thursday: post good video ( 15 minute )
  • Friday: chose fans of the week ( 5 minute )
  • Saturday: week end tips

By setting something similar you will have enough time to do other task apart from your fan page.

With that simple setting above that will make your fans more engage with your fan page and may also share your content if you post interesting stuff.

Make sure you create a video that offer good value and if you can’t you can hire some to create a high quality video for you on with a low investment less than $5, this is because your video might got a great impression on your fan which may prompt them to share your video and at the same time reaching lot of people.

By choosing best fans of the week you are directly identifying and appreciating that fans for contributing and spending their time with you

#3. Know what trending: you want to know what people are getting engaged with on facebook base on your niche

To get that achieve you have to do a simple search on google instead of using facebook

Here is how to do it

Let say you are running a page like “fashion” you want to head over google by typing “facebook fashion”, in the result check the post that start with facebook . com/bla blab bla. Click on the result and check what your competitor that are getting the most like, reach, and more fans are doing. Do something similar in other to replicate their success

#4. Avoid posting link: when uploading either video or image or writing text on your facebook fan page avoid posting link, this is because your fan page will not get more exposure or reach.

Note that when you post a link facebook will not show your post to much people.

Facebook are not fool!!!. Facebook want you to advertise with them by sharing your website link in other to drive traffic to your website.

So when facebook found a link in your post they won’t make that post go far because they want you to spend your money to post your link in other to drive traffic

Instead of posting a link when uploading, post the link in the comment box immediately after uploading

So avoid posting link in your image, text or video to reach more people

#5. Think outside box: that might sound crazy seeing that but this is what I’m trying to insinuate

Let assume you run a fan page about “love and dating” or”relationship advice”, you can share the latest thing that happen to other people in their relationship journey E.G how mr A break with mrs A after some year in relationship and what happen to delina after getting engaged.

The list goes on. You can also found interesting post on magazine or various sites.

When you find an interesting story on magazine or any web craft and create your post and then share it to your fans

#6. When to post: know the exact time to post your content on facebook.

This can be achieved by posting several time a day to discover the right time that people get more engaged with your post.

No one does that for you

You find out yourself!

Don’t agree with those who suggest time for you.

When you figure out the exact time people get more engaged with your post then that will be the right time for you to always bombard them with your post

#7. Interact with your fans: when you post on your fan page always make sure to hang around or check back to reply to your fans comment

#8. Give stuff away: this is an effective way when it comes to marketing. Give something away to your fans in other to keep them engage and also make them to share your content

When giving stuff away, think smartly in other to make money not losing money when taking this step. In the next cover what you could to make money when giving something to your fans

#9. Capture lead: this is exactly what you need when you are planning to give stuff away to your fans

You want your fans to be able to enter their email to qualify for the promo and also share it to your friend

Once that is done, this is what you can do to profit when giving stuff away

Step to take to profit when giving stuff away

Once your fans enter their email then you can now play the trick below to profit from them. Actually giving stuff away without having to spend a penny

#10. Create a landing page: immediately your fans enter their email you should redirect them to a landing page immediately and in that landing page you should have a well design

adsense that anyone would love to click

once they have been redirected to your landing page and you utilize google adsence then you can make money when they click on your ad

#11. Send product to your list via email: here is another way you can profit a lot. You can email a product that will interest your list. If you chose a good product that deliver something they want they will surely buy that product and in return you make money by also sending a promotional product to your list. You own the list forever and you can send more product to them later

That is that. Have just shared something other gurus will teach you for thousands of dollar for free. They will only tell you to create a promotional product to that your fans will hardly buy or put their email.

The step nine above is the exact way gurus are using to make more money but they will never share it for free. Follow the step to see result

#12. Monitor your progress: you want to monitor measure and track your progress in other to know what people love to see and which will surely give you an idea of what to share or do next


They key factor to get the best out of facebook marketing strategies is to set a goal and avoiding posting link as a starter so that your page can reach more people. Later one when you have reach the number you love then you can start posting link if you want

When posting link check your stat in the facebook insight then you will discover that the post will not reach more people.

That’s the best strategies every business owner should apply today to see good result

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. We are here to serve you so voice out so that we can help you out



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