Presently we all know that facebook is one of the largest leading social media site today and to be precise about that billion of people, business owner and marketers across the world are dominating this single social media network to get turns of traffic and sales to their businesses. Not just about getting sales and traffic to their various products they also dominate facebook to create there brand and propagate themselves and business

There are various facebook marketing tips and facebook marketing strategy across the web today that may likely get you confused or not understandable but in this very post I will discuss most of that in this post.

Before we start this discussion (facebook marketing tips and guide) I will like to digress for a moment; this post will cover lot of facebook marketing idea but to have a successful facebook page for your business or brand you need to set a specific goal to achieve that

FACEBOOK MARKETING GOAL: you might be a bit disturb or might be asking why I bring goal setting which I titled “facebook marketing goal” the main reason is that you must know the specific result you would love to achieve.

For example if your goal is to get more traffic to your site, get more fan engagement and more facebook like then you must understand that the result you get depend on the facebook marketing strategies you apply, that is why goal setting is very important here so that you won’t get depressed from the result you get .

We all know that goal setting is one of our key factors in getting the result we desire when we talk of facebook marketing.

Now let dive more into the facebook marketing tips and guide which is what this entire post all about


  1. Create quality image: image is one of the best thing to consider when it come to marketing on facebook as well as creating your brand. As a facebook user or someone who has a personal account on facebook we can see that image got most like and comment most at time than writing in words. this is because images has the most impression and also has lot of meaning .

If you create times for getting the best image for your business then you will see different in your facebook marketing business. Here are few thing you can use images for on your facebook business account

Facebook cover photo: always make sure you change facebook cover photo and upload good image of your business, business contact or any image you consider to be okay

Profile photo: your profile photo should be your business logo. That alone is what I called smart facebook marketing idea to get people to know you, your brand and businesses. The main thing about using your logo as a profile is that it will create awareness to your target market

Key note: always add image to your content and upload image to your facebook page, this is because images has greater and higher engagement then writing bunch of words. The data across the web and also with my research make me to understand that image has higher conversion rate then text just has wishpond data made clear understanding that post with image receive over 124% of engagement and post with various image that may likely be considered as album receive more than 180% responds

2. Chose a name for your business or brand: when thinking of starting facebook marketing you should out this into consideration always remember to choose a name for your business or brand that you want people to know you with

Am making this clear because of those who are just getting started from creating their own brand, for example this current webpage you are right now is which is design mainly for facebook marketing.

Now when thinking of choosing a facebook page for it I can’t go ahead choosing a wrong name that won’t match my business name or choosing a name that is not suitable for my site a name. Since my site webpage is is advisable I use blog media hub for my facebook fanpage or group instead of using my name David nelson which is totally wrong

Think outside the boss and you will understand my point here but for a well established business you’re your company or your brand name will be perfectly okay

Key note: chose a name that suit your business that you will want to probably know you with

  1. Create a page: the next thing to do after choosing a name that best suite your business is to create either a facebook fanpage or group page that will be used primarily to connect with your audience.

Understand that your prospects are already on facebook waiting for you to voice out.

As facebook is presently the leading social media site with over billion of active user and thousands if not millions coming online every single day to chat, mingle, read news and so on. That is not all, lot of people are still signing up for facebook account right now as you are reading this post.

This alone should give you a clear understanding that your right audience are waiting for you to see what you got to offer and if you make use of either your facebook fanpage or group effectively then you will experience a different in your business and you are on your way to success with facebook

Different between fanpage and group

fanpage: facebook fanpage is just a simple page but very powerful tool to get your content out. This page will tell you the total number of like (fans) you got and also when you share a new image or content the post will automatically appear on every one who hit like on your fanpage. The same thing applicable with facebook group

group: the little different between facebook group and page is that group are mainly a community (forum) where you can chat, ask question and also ask what your audience want in other words you get to know your audience very well and may likely share idea or brainstorm together.

With group you can also add people automatically to your group and your audience too can do the same

Key note: chose either facebook fanpage or group to engage with your audience

  1. write a post: now that you have choose the way that you think is the best way to connect with your audience the next step is to post on either on you choose to engage with your audience.

Don’t just post anyhow content to your wall, post something of high value, something that can impact or benefit your audience, useful content that will make your audience not to lose their trust in you. Post content that will always make them to check in you

Please note that if you don’t something reasonable to share t your audience then don’t bother sharing

You can post and share your content from various places like the list below

  • Link to your webpage or blog post
  • Links to articles related to your industry
  • Links to your blog posts
  • Link to article related to your company
  • Create coupon codes to advertise you product your and so on

That is just an idea think outside the box to and to find more useful post that your audience will live to see

Key note: post high quality content and images. Am sure you create that page for them so why not feed them the best meal you to get them close with you because without them your page and businesses and company is going no where

  1. Know the best time to post: best time to post on facebook page should be one of your goal when it comes to facebook marketing. You might be asking why should you know the best time to share your content or that your offer on facebook. The reason is that if you know the best time your audience are online it perfectly the exact time to share what you got offer them

Think about it if your content, image or whatever your offer may be appear on your fans or group news feed the perfect time they are searching for information or scrolling through their news feed; what did you think will happen? Exactly simple sense made us to understand that you will possibly get more click to you page and also directly to your website

How to know when your audiences are online

  • Login to your facebook account
  • Go your page
  • Above your page you will see the insight
  • Click on the insight
  • Click on the insight overview.
  • Boom you are good to go.

Key note: make effectively use of insight feature

facebook insight



  1. Schedule time to post: after knowing the time your audiences are online it is high time to schedule the time to post in other for you to feed and bombard your audience with your information.

The insight features on facebook make that to be possible. Follow the step above to get to the insight feature then use it schedule your post. You may decide to post twice or more than. It depend on what you discover on your insight

Key note: schedule your post with the result you got from insight feature

  1. Create facebook ads: invest in your business! Don’t be scared to spend or lose money!! When it comes to investment people always scared because they don’t want to lose money. They don’t want to risk anything but to be frank you have nothing to lose when it come to investing with facebook

Facebook ads help you to target your audience around the world. If you create facebook ads that have great impression and target your audience in a right way then your ads will expose your business around the world because with facebook ads you can target the country and region you want ads to appear.

Key note: make effectively use of facebook ads to bring exposure and create awareness to your business around the world

  1. Make use of facebook plugin on your website: make sure you install facebook plugin on your business site or blog. This will help you to create awareness, exposure and more followers on your facebook page
  1. Engage with your audience: creating facebook page and group isn’t enough at all. It is high time you create time for your audience; ask them question to know what they want. Try to know some of them personally, ask the challenges they might be facing in their business [depending on the services you are rendering], ask what they would like you to discuss about or write about.

In this case you will discover that engaging with your audience will help you to know what your audience wants, also it will also ease your work out instead of making several searches across the web. Your audiences do that for you

Key note: mingle with your audience, ask them question and try to know what they want

1o. Make effectively use of hashtag: this might sound strange to you but it will be folly of me to end this post without talking about hashtag.

Hashtag is one of the feature enable on facebook that will make your post to appear somewhere you never taught of before. So when posting on facebook it is advisable you end your post with hashtag, that will expose your business the more

hope you enjoy this article? and also learn a new way marketing with facebook, put a comment below to let me know what you think

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