Having 200 facebook tips seems to be a great number to read about and also to optimize to see a greater result in your facebook marketing for business.

With the average login per day which is over 1 billion and thousands of people who are yet to register for facebook . We discover that facebook is a great platform for marketing your business because it is certain that in no time it is possible to found your customer with the large audience.

Just has this post have promise to deliver 200 facebook tips for business.

Yes 200 tips for facebook markting. Though writing 200 tips seems to sound good enough but with the few tips on this post if you followed it well. It more than 200 tips you are expecting or various tips you might have heard or read about

Just stick with me to the very end of this post to get the most tips for facebook marketing

My top facebook marketing tips for  business  owners and facebook marketing tips for business pages to dominate right now

Goal setting

This has been the most shoutout on this entire site and is what every facebook marketer should care about. There is a pure gain when you define a goal and also setting a task on how to achieve them.

Am sure you agree with me

Now to get the most and best result from your facebook business page you need to consider the following

  • Is it more fans that you need
  • Did you want to increase sales
  • Did you want more engagement

The list goes on but the fact is you have to know your highest priority to know how you go about it to achieve your wish

For example: if it’s more fans that you need, you may think whether to buy like from facebook or just reaching out to your audience.

That is just an idea on defining your goal to get the best out of it.

Withdraw from using #hasttag

With our latest research across the web we have been able to discover and ascertain that post with hashtag doesn’t get greater reach and exposure when it come to facebook but this same method work fine in other social network like twitter and instagram.

If you can do without using hashtag when sharing post that great but use it on the suggested network above to reach more audience but as far facebook is concerned it doesn’t work here

Post consistently

This is absolutely one of the method that is very beneficiary when it come to reaching out to plenty of audience on facebook.

When posting you want to know the kind of post that work most for you

Like posting picture, writing in text or sharing content directly thought every piece of content you share will have some certain number of reach

Also, you can check other related fans page to know what working most for them. By doing so you can follow their method to duplicate their success

So it is advisable you share to content regularly to increase exposure to your facebook business page

Make use of facebook insight

You should make effectively use of this feature to study your growth on facebook and also know the total number of post that reach out to more audience and also the one that get most traction. By doing so you will be able to know the right post to boost that will get more attraction by people and also increase your reach.

Boost your page

Don’t just waste money boosting post that will not get or drive more fan to you! Because the goal here is to get more fans to your page and also improve your engagement with them

Before you boost (promote) any post on your fan page you should make sure that the post to be boosted already has high number if reach when posted and have some certain number of likes before you decide to spend money on it.

Like other brand

Try effectively and create time to like other brand in your niche. By doing so you are creating awareness of your own brand and also make it know to other in your industry of your business page

By liking other related niche to yours you are actually showing love to them and luckily if they found your content to be great they may likely share it to their fans

Note that when liking other business related page make sure you like them with your own fan page name not your own name used to register facebook account

Share images from instagram

Image share from instagram get greater reach on facebook then image posted directly on facebook. We are yet to discover why but it works great

Try it out and see for yourself

Give stuff away

Giving stuff away is a great idea to increase the fans of your page and exposure of your business.

When you give stuff away you will also make your fans to share your page to their friends. Also by giving away gift it make your fans to be more engaged with your page and also make your page to be more lively

Write short descriptive ’About section’

Write a good short descriptive information that will tell what your page is all about.

When you get to the about section make sure you take time on that page to describe everything about your site and follow the step to complete the stage

Write short description now long so that people will quickly grasp what your page is all about

Optimize your facebook fanpage for mobile view

Most people use mobile device to login to facebook. With the statistic we derive made us to understand that over 1 billion facebook user login on their mobile device daily

So it is important to optimize your fan page to look decent on mobile device.

In conclusion

Try to get the best out of your facebook business page by following the outline tips above to get the result you are looking upto. Though it takes time but the time spend worth the effort.

Keep testing by posting in different form to reach and engaged with your right audience

Thanks for reading to the very end and am sure you get the right tips you wanted

Let us know your thought about this by making use the comment box below


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